Student work

iTech 10th graders in an interdisciplinary project with Mr. Byrne's Bio-Mechanics of Movement and Mr. Hurst's Pre-Engineering & Design researched and designed board sports that are buildable here at iTech and built their own board. Multiple facets to this project including creating a product pitch presentation for their board of choice including which key [...]

This project 10th Grade Pre-Engineering & Design students built birdhouses that represent or resemble a local piece of architecture, and then in partnership with the Parks & Recreation later this month will put these bird houses up at a local park. Special thanks to Michael Houser Washington State Architectural Historian for guest speaking his [...]

Vancouver iTech Preparatory high school hosted a public showcase of student presentations for one of our latest projects, iPrize. This project challenges students to create an innovative solution to a world problem. Finalists compete Shark Tank style as they describe their innovative ideas to improve our quality of life. Students will present their ideas and be [...]

Problem: How do you use one wire to output on multiple parts? Solution: Share the wire with Multiplexing Students created 7 segment displays that share the output ports creating two circuits that multiplex a signal between both segments quick enough that a human eye cannot tell the difference between both alternating [...]

Impressions: The culminating screening of AP Lit student films from our most recent project was Wednesday Feb 28th at Kiggins Theatre. The event featured student films offering a perspective on what makes life worth living.   Winning film by Amelia Runner up by Alondra & Dani Winning [...]

In pre-engineering and design students made a 3D model digitally in Sketch Up or Blender, or another entry level 3D modeling software that allows 3D modeling & animation that showed their iPrize idea. Ideas that are inspiring, imaginative and innovative to impact the quality of life for self and others. Students [...]

Students designed using vector editing software personalized shapes and practiced using a laser cutter to create these one of a kind engineered pop up cards. Video gallary of cards popping up!

Learning Objective - Understand the building blocks for sequential logic, creating "clock" and letting that set an oscillating LED string embedded into an ornament. Success Criteria - Correctly assembled resistors, transistors and capacitor along with the 555 timer in astable configuration to oscillate between two LED strings, embedded into a custom laser-cut ornament. [...]

Body Positive Magazine Project Standard: The physically literate individual exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others. The mission of this project is to develop a magazine whose goal is to project a healthy body image for young teenagers. High school students were assigned as the creator, editor and chief of a magazine [...]

It is that brief holding of your breath right before the athlete achieves their feat. It is that moment that sends chills down your spine when they have accomplished something amazing. Those who are familiar with sports recognize these feelings as ‘moments of greatness’ that inspire others to capture it themselves or simply to [...]