Student work

iTech's iPrize innovation competition where high school students pitch ideas to a panel of local business leaders in the chance to win a cash prize. Every other year iTech hosts this project and gives students the opportunity to imagine a way to innovate and inspire some change for the world. This school year [...]

iTech 10th graders in an interdisciplinary project with Mr. Byrne's Bio-Mechanics of Movement and Mr. Hurst's Pre-Engineering & Design researched and designed board sports that are buildable here at iTech and built their own board. Multiple facets to this project including creating a product pitch presentation for their board of choice including which key [...]

This project 10th Grade Pre-Engineering & Design students built birdhouses that represent or resemble a local piece of architecture, and then in partnership with the Parks & Recreation later this month will put these bird houses up at a local park. Special thanks to Michael Houser Washington State Architectural Historian for guest speaking his [...]

Vancouver iTech Preparatory high school hosted a public showcase of student presentations for one of our latest projects, iPrize. This project challenges students to create an innovative solution to a world problem. Finalists compete Shark Tank style as they describe their innovative ideas to improve our quality of life. Students will present their ideas and be [...]

Problem: How do you use one wire to output on multiple parts? Solution: Share the wire with Multiplexing Students created 7 segment displays that share the output ports creating two circuits that multiplex a signal between both segments quick enough that a human eye cannot tell the difference between both alternating [...]

Impressions: The culminating screening of AP Lit student films from our most recent project was Wednesday Feb 28th at Kiggins Theatre. The event featured student films offering a perspective on what makes life worth living.   Winning film by Amelia Runner up by Alondra & Dani Winning [...]

In pre-engineering and design students made a 3D model digitally in Sketch Up or Blender, or another entry level 3D modeling software that allows 3D modeling & animation that showed their iPrize idea. Ideas that are inspiring, imaginative and innovative to impact the quality of life for self and others. Students [...]

Students designed using vector editing software personalized shapes and practiced using a laser cutter to create these one of a kind engineered pop up cards. Video gallary of cards popping up!

Learning Objective - Understand the building blocks for sequential logic, creating "clock" and letting that set an oscillating LED string embedded into an ornament. Success Criteria - Correctly assembled resistors, transistors and capacitor along with the 555 timer in astable configuration to oscillate between two LED strings, embedded into a custom laser-cut ornament. [...]

Body Positive Magazine Project Standard: The physically literate individual exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others. The mission of this project is to develop a magazine whose goal is to project a healthy body image for young teenagers. High school students were assigned as the creator, editor and chief of a magazine [...]