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Application process

Apply online during the application period, which typically begins in January. Applications are reviewed and a lottery is held to select students. The lottery helps to ensure the student enrollment is reflective of the overall district demographics and students throughout VPS have access to this unique STEM magnet.


Applications are currently closed for the 2021-22 school year. If you are a 9th or 10th grader, please email Natalie Powell ( to inquire about a spot.

Applications for the 2022-23 school year will open in January 2022. Please check the website for updates.

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Open House

Student and parent/guardian must attend an Open House event to apply.

Open Houses for the 2021-22 school year are completed. If you are interested in applying for the 2022-23 school year, Open Houses will occur in January/February 2022. Please continue to check back for updates.


Natalie Powell
Magnet Coordinator
Career Specialist

Profile of a successful iTech student

At this school, we accelerate learning through the combination of STEM and liberal arts by integrating art and design principles into research and problem-based learning to prepare for college and life after high school. These are the characteristics of a successful iTech student:

Frequently asked questions

iTech makes every effort to maintain the student population of the school. If space becomes available at any grade level during the course of the school year, the waiting list will be reviewed. Invitations to iTech will be extended on a space-available basis.

There is a waiting list at each grade level based upon the number of applicants and the availability that iTech can offer. Applicants will stay on the waiting list for one year, after which they need to submit a new application for the next school year.

We always have a large number of applicants at every grade level. In recent years, we accepted approximately 90 students of the 300 who showed interest for 6th grade. In grades 7-12 there are fewer applicants, but less availability as a majority of iTech students stay for all seven years.

Once applicants have applied and been accepted, they do not have to reapply in the following years. If a student does not get accepted on the first try, they are encouraged to reapply the following school year.
There is no tuition if accepted to iTech as we are a Vancouver Public School. There are still the general fees associated with all schools, paid at the beginning of a school year.
iTech does have students in need of special education services. Through an inclusive model, students are given the necessary support to have a positive educational experience.
Vancouver Public Schools provides bus transportation for in-district students. Each of the six district middle schools will serve as a “hub” site, transporting 6-12th graders from their neighborhood middle school to iTech at the start of the school day. Routes will return students to their neighborhoods after the end of the school day.

Students who wish to participate in sports at their neighborhood school may do so for one sport season (fall or spring at high school level) per school year. However, because iTech students finish classes at 4:05pm, then students will likely miss some or most of their last period of the day. Students will need prior early release approval through the principal for the athletic season (note that all students must still meet the graduation requirements in order to be approved for an early release). Additionally, families are responsible for transportation.

Yes, all students enroll in Spanish courses beginning in 7th grade. In fact, all iTech students must take a minimum of four years of Spanish to complete the iTech diploma. Please note: Spanish is not an option for 6th grade.

Project-based learning

Manufacturing a 3D Smile

Friday, October 2nd is both National Manufacturing Day and World Smile Day Mr. Hurst's Pre-Engineering & Design students combined the two and “manufactured smiles” using 3D modeling and augmented reality. Remember the definition and point of "manufacturing" is to be able to mass produce something, so designing it repeatable and simple yet not so simple [...]

iPrize 2020

This year we continued through the pandemic and narrowed down all the sophomore and freshman student contestants to five finalists and recorded a zoom meeting with a panel of judges from our community to showcase their innovations.   The results of this competition were revealed Friday, 6/19/2020 at 6pm streaming with URLs to be [...]

Gone Boarding

iTech 10th graders in an interdisciplinary project with Mr. Byrne's Bio-Mechanics of Movement and Mr. Hurst's Pre-Engineering & Design researched and designed board sports that are buildable here at iTech and built their own board. Multiple facets to this project including creating a product pitch presentation for their board of choice including which key [...]

Tangible learning

Supportive staff. Engaging projects. Award-winning school. iTech Preparatory is the hands-on learning experience you’ve been looking for.

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