iTech 10th graders in an interdisciplinary project with Mr. Byrne’s Bio-Mechanics of Movement and Mr. Hurst’s Pre-Engineering & Design researched and designed board sports that are buildable here at iTech and built their own board.

Multiple facets to this project including creating a product pitch presentation for their board of choice including which key physical features of your board promote high levels of movement and performance.

Students were encouraged to design a board they will actually use regularly to stay active from the choice of shortboard skateboard, longboard skateboard, skimboard and balance board. These are all wood based boards that we have the capability of creating here in our fabrication lab.

Designing in 2D vector software the artwork for both the top and bottom of the board for a lasercutting machine to assist with constructing the desired design.

Students demonstrated advanced woodworking techniques by forming plywood into a custom created mold and cutting out shapes with the correct tool.