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iTech students grades 9 and 10 early college enrollment process

All students are required to complete the application for admissions and pay the fee prior to taking the COMPASS test.  Online services will not be available for students enrolled in coursework in grades 9 and 10.  Students must register for coursework with an iTECH specific item number which is available through the ITECH Counselor.

Apply for admission

Students apply for admission using the paper form and pay the $25 fee to the iTech office.
Admission applications are due one week prior to testing.
Make checks payable to Clark College.

Take the placement test

Take the COMPASS placement test at iTech.
Based on testing results, students will be notified what classes they qualify for.

Register for classes

Students register using a paper-based form.
The batch of forms are returned to Enrollment Services.
Online services will not be available to grades 9 and 10.

Enrollment services

Student is enrolled in approved coursework.
Any course fees are paid by the student within 10 business days of registration.
Enrollment services will provide grade reporting quarterly the high school.

iTech students grades 11 and 12 new student early college enrollment process

Online services will be available for students in grades 11 and 12.  Students may only register for coursework which is available to the general student population-not an ITECH specific item number.

Retest if needed

Retest with COMPASS if not previously qualified for Running Start.

Form completion

Complete the Running Start Application form at the Running Start office.
Qualified students will provide the Enrollment Verification Form to Running Start as well.

Complete orientation and advising

Students will complete the online orientation and advising modules.

Register for classes

Students will register using online or in-person services.

Selection rubric

The table below is the rubric for selection of qualifying students under this program. Students expressing interest will be ranked based on their total score for all areas and allotted seats in classes based on their ranking. Although a student may qualify, the number of seats in any class may be limited resulting in some students not receiving placement in a class for that quarter or semester. Note: qualifying sophomore students are limited to one class a quarter at Clark or one class a semester at WSUV. Junior and Senior students may take more than one class through WSUV. All students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in their college class(es) to be eligible to take another college class through this contracted program.

NOTE: if a student has 5 or more unexcused absences they must have all teacher recommendations of “yes” and principal recommendation of “yes” to be considered for a college level class.

Scores will be used to determine eligibility and ranking for class seats.

*A tie score will result in a blind lottery ranking for students with that score for purposes of placement in classes.

Points awarded COMPASS reading COMPASS writing COMPASS
(if taking a math or science class)
Teacher Recommendation “yes” GPA Attendance Discipline
4 100 – 95 100 – 95 99 – 84 All 4.00 – 3.75 No unexcused absences None
3 94 – 88 94 – 89 83 – 68 All minus one 3.74 – 3.50  1 unexcused 1 -2 minor infractions/no major
2 87 – 81 88 – 83 67 – 52 All minus two 3.49 – 3.25 2 unexcused 3 minor/no major
1 80 – 74 82 – 78 51 – 38 All minus three 3.24 – 3.00 3 unexcused 4 minor/no major
0 Cannot take class Cannot take class Cannot take class All minus 4 (or more) Less than 3.00 4 unexcused 5 or more infractions or major: cannot take class

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