Predictable Parabola Challenge – High School Engineering, Physics & Math

Project Description

Learning Target: Design individually and construct with a team a projectile launcher to accurately and repeatedly send a tennis ball through the air to hit a target, using springs or rubber tubing and materials provided at iTech.

Success Criteria: Build a launcher that adheres to the constraints and launches a tennis ball, to hit various ranges between 10 and 20 feet repeatedly.

This project is currently in progress and will conclude on Tuesday, November 21st as an assembly in front of the high school on stage at the WSUV auditorium.  Parents, guardians, community members, friends & family please come and cheer on the 21 teams of sophomore students as they showcase their launchers from 2pm until 4pm 11/21/17 right before Thanksgiving break.

Parents / guardians and other adults interested, Mr. Hurst could always use a volunteer to help students think through and construct their launchers, as well as monitor tool use over the next few weeks in the afternoons. Please contact 

Students begin building their launcher as well as get trained on using tools.

More photos and videos here in this shared album