You’ll spot two iTech students throughout this SW WA Stem Network video promoting workbased learning! Below is a list of iTech students who have participated so far this year and the organization they have been working at:
Makayla: St. Jude Research Hospital
Shelby: Office of Carolyn Long Campaign
Yaneri: Free Clinic of Southwest Washington and Legacy Salmon Creek
Vlad: Silicon Forest Electronics
Tyler: LSW Architects
Gabby: Office of Carolyn Long Campaign and Tutoring
Ben: Creative Media and Digital Culture Program at WSUV
Tony: SellerSlice – Amazon Marketing Agency
Angel: City of Vancouver
Liam: LSW Architects
Gary: WSUV Child Development Program (starting soon)
Aaron: Stream Team with Clark Public Utilities (starting soon)
Brooklyn: UNCF Portfolio Project
Corbin: MysteryPix at the Oregon Zoo
Brett: Kyocera
Kenedy: Washington State School for the Blind
Sophia: Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital and the Red Cross
More Coming Soon