Raven families,

We hope you are all well and navigating our current difficult situation. We appreciate all of your flexibility and work at this time. We know that it is not easy and that there are many struggles that you are facing. Know that the staff is here for you in any way that we can help!

We wanted to give you a little information on the end of Term 1. Term 1 progress grades are now posted in Skyward. We will not be giving students hard copy report cards as we normally do. Instead you can access through your Skyward account. With that said, these are just a point in time grade. We always recommend that you continue to access Jump Rope to get up to date grade information on your student. If you need login information please contact our main office at 360-313-5200.

The other thing that we wanted to mention is that Term 1 is just a graded progress report, not a final grade. The only grade that goes on transcripts is the official semester grade, not their Term 1 grade. The semester ends at the end of January and this is when the official grade is calculated.

If you have questions about how our standards based grading system works please see resources below. If there is a grade that you or your student would like to improve, look at Jump Rope to see which standards need to be addressed. If you have questions you can reach out to the teacher.

Here are some resources on our grading practices that may be helpful:

    1. Website on our grading practices
    2. Video on Grading practices
    3. Video on what a “D” or “F” mean
    4. Video on understanding Jump Rope

As always if you have questions on grades, please reach out to your student’s teacher and they can help clarify.

Reach out and let us know if you are having struggles. We are in this together.


Darby Meade

Vancouver iTECH Preparatory



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