iTech Students and Families,
We getting into the groove of distance learning and I have had a great time this week reconnecting with students and hearing the great stories from teachers. As I have said before, we know that while this is not an ideal situation but we are also seeing that we will gain skills and knowledge in this time that improve our learning community and make us stronger! Innovation, imagination and inspiration are key components of our program and this is another opportunity for us to come together and solve problems and find solutions!
A few reminders in this time:
  • Your mental and physical health is the most important thing right now
  • Stay calm, keep perspective, and don’t get overwhelmed
  • We will not get the same amount of work done in this environment that we did before
  • Don’t compare the work you are getting done or how you are handling this situation to anyone else, each of us is doing the best we can
  • We as an iTech community are here for you, let us know if you need anything
We will normally send out updates on Friday but this week we wanted to send it out a day early to help clarify questions that you may have in regard to yesterday’s email from the district on new grading rules announced by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.
New Information:
1. As you heard from the email from the district yesterday, the state came up with new grading regulations for the closure period. Here is some more information that might answer some of your questions.
2. We wanted to let you know that our “week” is Monday through Friday. We do not expect kids to be working on weekends. Also, the material for the new week will be posted on each teachers Canvas page by noon on Monday.
3. To help parents and student with planning and organizing, each teacher is going to be putting an outline of their week with action items, due dates and meetings/office hours at the top of their Canvas pages. This is meant to be a brief overview to help in planning for the week. Detailed instructions will be posted below. We hope that these overviews make things more clear and assist in families using the templates that we have provided on the HUB to plan out the week.
In addition to the templates and schedule of teacher interactive times that we shared last week, we have added a few more documents to our “HUB” linked here where you can go to find vital information. While you will still go to Canvas for all coursework, this is a place where we can post general documents that will help students and families stay organized and informed. We will add to this as we go.
Again, our hope is that you will use the schedule and templates to help organize your time. We know that it is important to structure your time so that you do not get behind. You can use one or a combination of the templates to provide you with the level of structure that you need. These are templates and feel free to make changes as needed to meet your needs. Dates and times in these are samples and you will need to customize to your schedule with the information below. You will need to make a copy of these templates in your own account and you can customize. We will also post these in Canvas.
Hope that you are having a great week and staying safe.
Darby Meade
Vancouver iTECH Preparatory
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