Launch Weather Balloon Payload from Itech Preparatory during ADVO (10:55 to 11:30am), track using both the onboard GPS units, and once the payload starts to reach appogee, begin traveling towards the expected landing location. Weather balloon launches will be cleared/approved through the FAA with the help of Brigg Williams.

Retrieval team expected to be:
iTech assistant principal Zachary Tautfest
Weather Balloon Club Advisor Ian Hurst
Students: Matthew, Lauren, Sam, Christian & Merrick.

Weather Balloon Club has been an ongoing club for the past two years trying to get this to launch. It has become senior Matthews priority project, putting in countless hours and effort to carry this to the near finish point.

This project was started in 2017 with a grant from Centrylink under the name ‘Transportology” then all the 10th graders in Pre-Engineering & Design prepared simulations and payloads, then a year later in Everyday Engineering Jared Arave built a payload that will hold a 360 camera ruggedized camera, another wide angle GoPro Camera, a Pocketlab Voyager sensor data logger, GPS tracker and a few other necessary tracking radio equipment. Then once in our new iTech building this project got revived as an afterschool club with several students meeting weekly but because of a shortage of helium last year it was unable to proceed. Then this year Matthew pushed this project to being ready to launch and so we are ready.



Our weather balloon club launched our first payload up, up and away. The GPS tracking malfunctioned so we hope wherever…

Posted by Vancouver iTech Preparatory on Wednesday, May 10, 2023