HS Modified Schedule – Predictable Parabola Launch Assembly

Sophomores at iTech have been working hard in physics, math and engineering courses to create these launchers. You are invited to come see how they perform.

Friday, 2:15pm December 21st at WSUV VDEN auditorium, on stage in front of the entire iTech High School.

Learning Target: Design individually and construct with a team a projectile launcher to accurately and repeatedly send a tennis ball through the air and hit a target, with the materials provided.  Learning how to visually communicate through sketching, learning how to use and which hand and power tool for the right task in building.


Success Criteria:

Individually: Sketch several different designs that adhere to the constraints and communicate how the engineering of your plan will launch a tennis ball, and how you can calibrate and adjust the device to hit various ranges.

As a team: Build a launcher that adheres to the constraints and launches a tennis ball, to hit various ranges between 10 and 20 feet repeatedly.

Here is the schedule for Friday 12/21:

9:35                                        1st period Attendance
9:35 – 10:35      ASB Pep Rally – Auditorium
10:35 – 11:05    Sack Lunch
11:00  – 11:15   Advo attendance / Bus loading by Advo
11:05 – 1:45      Food Bank
1:45                                      Advo Attendance
1:45 – 2:15               Advo / Physics set-up
2:15 – 4:05               Projectile launches – Auditorium
Food Bank
Highlight Video
ASB Color
War games