How can you help our kids and get rewarded for doing so?

Come to the Boosters ‘Volunteer Preview’ event & PTSA meeting next Wednesday, January 15th, starting at 5:30 at Vancouver iTech Preparatory!! Please enter the building on the south/front side (off the street leading to the backside of WSU) and go through the office.

3 easy steps:

1) Come to the Booster’s Awareness & Volunteer Signup at 5:30*Everyone is welcome! (If your kid is in Robotics or History Club, they can come there after practice.)

2) Stay for the January Parent-Teacher-Student Association meeting at 6:30*Again, everyone is welcome!


So what are the rewards, you ask? 

1st: We’ll have pizza & soda/water – for free – at the Booster’s Awareness & Volunteer Signup*After all, we don’t want you to miss dinner! 

2nd: Anyone who signs up to help with the Boosters’ annual auction, or buys a ticket to it, or signs up to help with the Robotics or History Club meets will get a free entry into a raffle*First prize is a ‘date night’ on Valentines Day at a luxury condo in Portland 

3rd: Those who stay through the PTSA meeting will get a preview tour of the school immediately afterwards!!*Other than the kids, staff & contractors, you’ll be among the first to see it’s awesomeness! 

Please rsvp to so we can have a guess as to how much pizza to buy.