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Application process

  • Application for iTech typically begins in January each year
  • Apply online during the application period
  • A lottery is held. The lottery helps to ensure that the student enrollment is reflective of the overall district demographics and that students throughout VPS have access to this unique STEM magnet
  • One requirement different from other magnet programs is that student and parent/guardian attendance at one of the three Open House events is required to complete the application process and be placed in the lottery. Open House dates are typically held in January-February each year for the next school year and are posted on the iTech Calendar
  • If the application period has closed, the student can be added to the bottom of the waitlist by completing an application through School Mint (iTech’s application system)
  • To receive updates about application deadlines, Open Houses and events open to the community, please complete our iTech Interest Form.

Applicants for the 2019-2020 School Year (6th-12th grade)

  • Open House dates and the application window have closed for the 2019-20 school year.
  • A student can be added to the bottom of the waitlist by completing an application through School Mint (iTech’s application system)
  • If a current iTech student withdraws, then the next person on the waitlist for the grade level will be offered the spot.
  • If you have questions about the application process or waitlist position, please email

Project-based learning

“I really enjoy the school, all the people here, the teaching methods and everything about this learning environment. It’s a great place.”

James Keirnan, student

“Everyone just accepts each other here. It’s a very unique environment because of that.”

Emily Torjusen, student

“They really got me out into the college landscape and helped me learn and broaden my horizons.”

Daniel Healy, student

Gone Boarding

iTech 10th graders in an interdisciplinary project with Mr. Byrne's Bio-Mechanics of Movement and Mr. Hurst's Pre-Engineering & Design researched and designed board sports that are buildable here at iTech and built their own board. Multiple facets to this project including creating a product pitch presentation for their board of choice including which key [...]

Architecturally Awesome Birdhouses

This project 10th Grade Pre-Engineering & Design students built birdhouses that represent or resemble a local piece of architecture, and then in partnership with the Parks & Recreation later this month will put these bird houses up at a local park. Special thanks to Michael Houser Washington State Architectural Historian for guest speaking his [...]

Tangible learning

Supportive staff. Engaging projects. Award-winning school. iTech Preparatory is the hands-on learning experience you’ve been looking for.

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