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Application process

  • Application for iTech typically begins mid-January every year
  • Apply online during the application period
  • A lottery is held. The lottery helps to ensure that the student enrollment is reflective of the overall district demographics and that students throughout VPS have access to this unique STEM magnet
  • One requirement that is different than other magnet programs is that student and parent/guardian attendance at one of the two Open House events is required to complete the application process and be considered for the lottery or admission
  • If the application period has closed, the student can be added to the bottom of the waitlist by completing an application through School Mint (iTech’s application system)

Project-based learning

“I really enjoy the school, all the people here, the teaching methods and everything about this learning environment. It’s a great place.”

James Keirnan, student

“Everyone just accepts each other here. It’s a very unique environment because of that.”

Emily Torjusen, student

“They really got me out into the college landscape and helped me learn and broaden my horizons.”

Daniel Healy, student

Science of Hate

The Science of Hate gallery is a cross-curricular project involving the History, Sociology, Global Forum, Spanish, Health/PE, Biology, Math, Composition and Design classes. Students formed groups of three to five to find a victimized population, research the history of discrimination against that population, and create a sculpture that helps relay the information they [...]

Drafting and building identity illusions

Drafting and building identity illusions iTech Pre-Engineering & Design students drafted an orthographic plan of their initial or initials in side view. With the intention of having an LED to create a shadow so that from one angle the initial shape is physically created, then from another view there is a shadow of another [...]

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Tangible learning

Supportive staff. Engaging projects. Award-winning school. iTech Preparatory is the hands-on learning experience you’ve been looking for.

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